Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kates Playground Hardcorer

There are so many photos and stories, which I brought from my trip to Paraguay. Unfortunately, one or the other projects is on hold. Can now witch times, even if many believe it ...

Nevertheless, I'll do my best, because most readers share my country home, wait and look forward to these reports.

So far I have reported many positive and wonderful experiences. But there is also much poverty and misery. This is also part of everyday life easily and is also accepted as self-evident.

In the country, especially if one does leave, the world is beautiful and life is full of harmony. But many people there are forced to move to the city, to beg in the hope of, simple road construction, or just in the garbage to find something to live (survive).

they are called "campesinos sin tierra," which means "landless peasants". Einstein grew up in the countryside in a large family, the next generation has a chance to feed her family. They often occupy land from other farmers and cattle breeders.

on the plazas of the towns or on the edge of town, they beat their tents to overnight (if you could actually call the tents) and suddenly there are like mushrooms. Many make a living by fighting on the side of the road clean with a windscreen or the high earners are the owner of an abdominal loading or shine shoes. Other browse through the garbage and always find something useful. Often, crime, prostitution and drugs is the single most promising target! How often I have heard the admonition: "Do not go out there." "Make no photos. "Do you not respond." "Watch out that you steal." "The take you to" ... and a thousand other advice. But these people are no better and no worse than we are. But they have determined a worse fate! As we moan and complain that a public holiday by the garbage collection is delayed by one day, so do these people certainly, but unfortunately other reason. I write about it because also my Paraguay is one. For information. It's not Indian, which I plan to support. dance at various weddings I can not now.

Much love!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Acrostic Forgiveness Poem

My contribution to the campaign card of the month

stamp café every month the action: Map of the month.
Since the action involves a secret ballot, I show the card now even after the action.
The subject was supposed to be a vintage glass image. In the first experiment, I placed the embossed motif in the freezer and it curled up and afterwards I had all the cracks across the face, which did not look really good. I then embossed the subject and left it that way and give up Vintage.
did not this time I also sandblasted crochet ;-) but at least the subject.

Stamp: Inkadinkado Paperbag Studios and
Stamp Pads: Vesafine Vintage Sepia, Versa Magic
paper: Je t'adore by Making Memories
Beads: Jittenmeier
laser dance element:
flowers: wild orchid crafts
stanza: Spellbinders
Band: Ross
Others: Tim Wood distresser

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Congratulating Co-worker On New Position

people make collective report on the Fast

I do not know where is the time need to slim down the blog entries as well.

By the end of February, I had only on Monday as a fixed day in the week and every 14 days my cleaning job. As of now I'm free on Mondays! For this set, but Wednesdays and Fridays, one or the other Saturday and the cleaning Thursdays.

The budget should 'be indulged s! April and May, I'm always on the go.

My pilgrimage is slowly but surely taking shape and I'm looking very much! Please read the top! But first comes an even greater event, the wedding of my son! We fly to Germany on April 11, at 15 is the wedding. But until then very much to do. On 9 April to Kurt and I share the food, for the annual celebration of the environmental club, aufn table. Of course we have many helpers, but, for the purchase, preparation, delegation and success, we are fully responsible.

of everything else I've done otherwise before the trip, I must comply with the advice of my daughter and I have a list posted ... oh shitting! 22 posts! All important and big things right. Sun stuff like, must to the barber, for cleaning, etc. is on it only garnet. Rather well, I sew a dress for the wedding, etc.

The Positive; was six items I check off now! Knock, knock on the back!

The Canadian dollar has surpassed the U.S. dollar, that means for us to buy cheap Canadiense in USA. When I was there recently, I worked with Support of my children and from Kurt, a small camera bought for my pilgrimage. Extra swipe with panoramic mode. Which had to be so dedicated. Was suitable for the Tuesday. Kurt had to Sarnia, at the U.S. border to the doctor. Because it was a sunny day, and here I am with my first panoramic photos. The Blue Water Bridge. Images can be enlarged by clicking! Here begins the Lake Huron and recognize how to melt already so gradually, the ice on it. On all the photos you can see the sea horizon an insipid thin blue stripes, where the lake is not frozen. In three months I am going to swim again! And because so beautiful, I have brought you along with some photos and an old iron bridge. Soon it is spring. Here one pays much on the appearance of the first "Robin" (a North American migratory birds), if you see one that is no longer the spring far. Today I saw the first! He was too fast for me for photography.

Other birdies the upcoming spring show, are the North American gold finches. The special feature of which, they molt twice a year. (To say molting also in birds?), Never mind. You get in autumn brown plumage and bright yellow in spring they are in black and white. Currently they are half-half. The snow melts been there and is left by the most beautiful Eiskunstwerke. So to say as Farewell! Yesterday, Kurt, later for a birthday, get a package from his home. Pictures I have not done because it is not completely ... it is missing a large part of chocolate and sweets. What can I help it if I like the stuff so ...? Thank you, dear Ulla and notes! We are very pleased!

My half-fell free Squirrel's still coming to the food bowl and is almost always wide awake. I have no idea what could be the cause. The poor ass face (from the perspective of a baboon). Personally, it reminds me of a chicken breed at that time in Paraguay, which had no feathers on the neck. We called them "naked neck".

Best wishes and see you!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Nippes Are Sore And Tired Weeing More Why

♥ ♥ If you want me ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Who freed us from a cabinet body? When thinning of Sandra's "tiny little" cabinet is I like this combination of PAMPOLINA hands. It is much nicer than the photos show. Klitzersteine and embroidery adorn both the shirt and skirt. The shirt and skirt, the lower part are two-layer, the belt is part of the station wagon. Beautiful! Size 122nd
Exactly 1 x used; (
For 15 € Kpl changes the combination of the owner

Who wants to please write a mail . The first person interested to get the combination.