Friday, December 31, 2010

Fotos De Varios Tipos De Penis

skyscrapers, palm trees and 26 degrees!

Hello dear ones,

I'm super well received, just a little tired. From the plane rose and inhaled the warm, moist air off ... it just smells in South America ... wow, I'm almost at my old home!
I wanted to put me now on his ear and give me a little cap sleep, because tonight is celebrating the "Paulista" to. The Sau Paulo Paulista is what the Ku-Damm in Berlin. The road is now free from the (car) traffic, and there are about 2 million people expected. In old Brazilian tradition, all dressed in white.

But I saw that I was on my "Test entry", got so many comments (I forgot him too ...), I had to just delete the first report short. Hey, is that really something to love, I thank you!

now, I have only a few photos of my brother's Terrace.

He lives in the 17 and 18 Floor of a skyscraper. There he is, my brother. funny as he pursues Mamas hobby and more and more cacti At length. Of course, all brought back from somewhere. A tiny twig or leaf is sufficient.

such as a Dattelsamen from South Africa ... now he can reap the dates from our own farm. I myself am not like the cactus Tpy ... the affair to me prickly ... But he has other beautiful specimens. Now I drop the eyes, I'm going to sleep for the big party a little more awake ... the remaining hole I for tomorrow at the beach!

Please forgive me that I can not write each one a mail or comment, but I think of you all and wish you a super Happy New Year! Good luck, health, success and love!

Kussi, Bussi, button and cuddly! tset

Your Ela


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